Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans Jeans Lilo Cropped Straight Leg The Leg With Glittering Application

Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans, Jeans Lilo Cropped, Straight Leg, The Leg With Glittering Application
  • jeans im five-pocket-stil
  • narrow strips of rhinestones and chain
  • normal physical height with straight leg
  • quality elastic quality
Schick: Die gerade geschnittene Jeans »Lilo« von Gerke My Pants steht für ein dezentes Design mit exklusiven Akzenten. Die in schmalen Streifen angeordneten Glitzersteine am Saum der hochwertigen Damenjeans stellen ein charmantes und effektvolles Highlight dar. Bekannt und beliebt sind die normale Leibhöhe der Five-Pocket-Style und die Gürtelschlaufen am Bund der elastischen trageangenehmen Hose. Die Jeans »Lilo« von Gerke My Pants: ein feminines Update der klassischen Denim!
discreet jeans of the glittering stones a chic accent gives
material & product details materialzusammensetzung
Upper: 91% Cotton 6% polyester 3% spandex materialart
denim/jeans material properties
elastic optics
slight abrasion effects ablution
stone physical height
normal bundabschluss
stitched cuffs leg shape
narrow including statements
stitched passform
narrow section details
passe back sectional shape length
7/8-long belt loops
and applications
glittering pressure bags
intervened bags coin pocket back pockets shutter
One-button-form metal zipper special features
jeans lilo cropped straight leg with glittering-application and chain inside leg length
<i>ca.</i> <b>that.</b> <i>63 cm</i> <b>63 cm</b> delivery
Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans, Jeans Lilo Cropped, Straight Leg, The Leg With Glittering Application Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans, Jeans Lilo Cropped, Straight Leg, The Leg With Glittering Application Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans, Jeans Lilo Cropped, Straight Leg, The Leg With Glittering Application Gerke My Pants 7/8 Jeans, Jeans Lilo Cropped, Straight Leg, The Leg With Glittering Application
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Product Added


Scarifying is mainly influenced by grass type ; this is going to dictate whether or not your lawn is going to need scarifying or de-thatching. If you’ve got anything other than a mainly rye grass lawn then it will need doing at some time. And if it’s an ornamental or so-called ‘luxury lawn’ full of the fine fescue grasses then you’d better start to love scarifying.

Scarifying is mainly influenced by grass type

Raking is influenced by the amount of moss that grows in your lawn. If it’s wet, shady or perhaps on a clay soil then you’ll have your share of moss and you’ll need to do some raking.

Raking is influenced by the amount of moss that grows in your lawn.

So, like it or not you had best be prepared. DON’T bury your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away. It won’t, and year on year it will get worse to the point that you have little or no grass left! The BEST and EASIEST way to tackle problems of thatch or moss is to tackle them early. Let the problem reach CRITICAL and you may not have a lawn to save!

Image shows metal blades scarifying into the soil during final run

Lawn scarifiers use steel blades to cut out thatch; hence it is also known as de-thatching. In machines these will rotate whilst manual tools like the The Bridge Candy Shoulder Bag Leather 22 Cm
will not.

Lawn thatch by its very nature is removed more easily by this cutting action and the result is a firmer lawn that allows the passage of air, nutrients and water easily into it. Take scarifying a step further by letting the scarifier blades cut into the soil and you will open the soil surface and make an ideal seed bed for introducing new grass seed to your lawn.

The blades also ‘prune’ the grass plants because it cuts them downwards rather than cross cutting as in mowing. This pruning, just like pruning a bush or plant causes extra shoots to grow thus thickening the turf.

The ‘chopping’ action is also a good way of controlling some of the coarser or delicate weed grasses such as Yorkshire Fog and Annual Meadow Grass. It can also help control creeping weeds such as speedwell and trefoils (yellow suckling clover).

Image shows wire tines above the soil level at all times

Whereas scarifiers use blade tines, rakes use wire tines just like on a fan or spring-bok lawn rake.

on demand sales marketing strategy and learning experts

We are action orientated problem solvers who generate and apply practical compelling insights to understand and influence behaviour create commercial growth opportunities.

We demonstrate our passion for strategy into action every day. Our senior global experience means we have the know-how to take your strategy from your boardroom into your business for sustainable profitable growth.

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We create and deliver end to end blended learning solutions to transform your business results and organisational capability. Our “assess-learn-apply” learning framework ensures that we embed learning in a personalised way.

Our unique and powerful on demand show-learn-support digital approach delivers strategy and learning when you need it: high impact, high value and lower cost – building teams confident in their abilities and well equipped to achieve business results. In this way we help to ensure that your strategy and learning is successful where it counts!

Successful projects delivered

Combined Years Experience of our Leadership Team

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always available wherever you are

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geographically dispersed teams

secure and individual access

immersive and relevant content

I’ve worked with literally dozens of consultants over my career, from the big strategy houses to narrower boutique firms. In my experience Weben brings customer unique value by combining a very solid strategic perspective on business issues with tremendously pragmatic executional knowledge. Over the three projects we’ve completed with Weben Partners we have been able to quickly drive very strong business results.

- Senior Vice President Global Strategy and Sales

Over the last 4 years, we have built up an excellent working partnership with Weben based upon a track record of creating and delivering first class quality training every time. Across a variety of different topics, the team bring good quality content to the table and work with us to make the material relevant, landing it with a variety of examples from supplier and retailer side. Weben have added significant value during this time and we consider them a trusted partner to our business, now operating across all sectors in our business.






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